Usefull advice
1. Go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning at about the same time every day.

2. Sleep 7-8 hours daily.

3. Relax before you go to sleep; we suggest a lukewarm bath, the reading of a book, some soft music, and/or conversation with your favourite persons.

4. Ensure that your sleeping environment is absolutely quiet, dark, pleasant and at the proper temperature for you.

5. Ensure that your mattress and pillow provide you with comfort and anatomic support.

6. Ventilate your room on a regular basis so that there is adequate oxygen available during your sleep.

7. Try to eliminate or resolve your problems before going to sleep

8. Avoid going to sleep with excessively full or absolutely empty stomach.

9. Avoid caffeine, smoking or alcohol before going to sleep.

10.If you cannot sleep, you better get up from bed, relax for some time and then go to bed again.

General Sales Conditions

These General sales conditions regulate relations between APHROSTROM and its Customers with respect to the remote purchase of Products made through the company's Internet Website. Anything not expressly covered by these General sales conditions will be treated according to the applicable provisions of the relevant Cyprus legislation and in particular to Law N.156(I) 2004 as it is modified from time to time.. APHROSTROM reserves the right to change these sales conditions at any time and without notice. Any changes made are not applicable to Contracts already entered between APHROSTROM and the Customer.

1) Definitions

  • APHROSTROM: indicates APHROSTROM LTD, registered in Cyprus with registration number ΗΕ21083, TIC No. 12021083B and VAT No. 10021083Z and based in the Pera Chorio Nisou Industrial Estate, P. O. Box 20584 Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Contract: indicates the agreement, covered by these General sales conditions, entered into between APHROSTROM and the Customer following the acceptance by APHROSTROM of the Order Confirmation, whereby APHROSTROM undertakes to deliver the Products to the Customer in accordance with the procedures and terms specified below.
  • Customer: indicates the individual person who, in relation to the sales contract entered into with APHROSTROM, acts for purposes not related to any business or professional activities performed.
  • Order Confirmation: indicates the acceptance by the Customer, sent to APHROSTROM through the Internet, of the unit price of the Product (meaning the total price of the Products in the case of a multi-article purchase), of transport costs, of the characteristics and quality of the Product (or Products) and of the provisions of these General sales conditions.
  • Product Price: indicates the purchase value the Product as specified in the Website and includes the VAT and delivery of the Products in Cyprus.
  • Products: indicates the goods sold by APHROSTROM to the Customer shown in the Order Confirmation and having the features and qualities described ιn the Website.
  • Website: indicates the Internet website owned by APHROSTROM, distinguished by the URL

2) Premise

APHROSTROM's Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) business involves dealing exclusively with the "consumer", to whom the products are offered on sale on the Website. By "consumer" is meant the individual person who, with respect to the Contract, acts for purposes not related to any business or professional activities performed.
APHROSTROM therefore invites those bodies which do not fall within the "consumer" category not to send purchase orders relating to the articles sold by APHROSTROM on the Website.

Considering the above-described business policy, APHROSTROM reserves the right not to follow-up orders placed by bodies other than "consumers" or orders that do not conform to its business policies.

Orders for overseas delivery are not allowed through the Electronic Commerce.

3) Conclusion and Purpose of the Contract

The receipt by APHROSTROM of the Order Confirmation, sent by the Customer through the Internet, shall determine the closing of the Contract. The Contract is concluded in the Greek or English language, according to the selection by the Customer of the Website’s language. By closing the Contract, APHROSTROM undertakes to provide the Customer with Products, in accordance with the terms and the conditions included in these General sales conditions, without prejudice to APHROSTROM 's right not to accept orders from persons who do not provide suitable guarantees of solvency.

By sending the Order Confirmation, the Customer accepts without reserve and undertakes to observe, in its dealings with APHROSTROM, the provisions of these General sales conditions. Sending the Order Confirmation therefore implies the Customer's total awareness and acceptance of these General sales conditions as well as of the further details contained on the pages of the Website.

Upon the Contract being closed with the receipt of the Order Confirmation by APHROSTROM, the latter shall send the Customer an e-mail message containing details of the relevant order (prices, quantities and Product characteristics).

4) Product Price, Order, Payments and Delivery

The Product price appears in the Website, is in Euros and includes the VAT as well as the delivery of the Products in Cyprus.

APHROSTROM reserves the right to change the Product Prices at any time and without notice. Any changes made are not applicable to Contracts already entered between APHROSTROM and the Customer.

The delivery is effected at the Customer’s premises only when the value of the Order Confirmation exceeds €95,00. When the value of the Order Confirmation is below €95,00 the delivery is made to the APHROSTROM’s shop that is closer to the Customer’s premises, from which the Products are collected by the Customer.

The Products chosen by the Customer are placed in its basket. The Customer may at any time prior to the dispatch of the Order Confirmation to refer to its Basket and to modify the number of Products or to delete Products. Upon completion of the Product selection, the Customer is invited to choose whether it wishes to continue as “user” or as “visitor”. The “user” has already submitted its personal details, which are kept in the Website and are accessible using the Email and the personal code. A new Customer may be registered as “user”. The “visitor” enters its data, which is used exclusively only for the order in process. The website has in-bult security measures that allow the identification and correction of electronic handling faults prior to Order Confirmation (e.g. maximum sizes per Product, correct number of digits of credit card, etc).

Upon the entry or identification of its data, the Customer proceeds to the next step, the payment, where its credit card details are requested for the payment of the Product Price and thereafter the Customer sends the order Confirmation which is processed by JCC, a card processing company.

The reception of the Order Confirmation is verified by the Website by giving a reference number. In addition the Customer receives by Email the document “Order/Receipt” with details of its order and payment.

Before delivery, APHROSTROM will contact the Customer in order to confirm the time and place of delivery. The Products will be made available and the contact with the Customer for their delivery shall take place within 10 working days from reception of the Order Confirmation. If the Products are heavy or bulky, the Customers premises are above the ground floor and/or access to the premises is difficult and, according to APHROSTROM’s sole discretion, use of mechanical aids (e.g. fork lift) is required, then the Customer will be informed and the Customer would undertake the relevant additional cost. If the Customer refuses to bear this cost, then the delivery would take place at the ground floor level of the Customer’s premises.

The purchase with the Name “Aphrostrom” will appear as debit in the bank statement related with the Customer’s credit card.

5) Declarations, Obligations, Liability and Guarantees

APHROSTROM is not in a position to guarantee exact correspondence to the real goods in terms of image and colours as these appear on the Customer's monitor. The Parties mutually accept that the products presented on the Website may no longer be available or on sale at the time the Website is accessed by the Customer and that the relevant prices could undergo updating.

APHROSTROM shall not be held liable in the event of unavailability of the Product due to force majeure, disruption or strike, or due to transportation and/or communication problems. APHROSTROM shall no be held liable for any interruptions on the Website, for occurrence of “bugs”, or for any inaccuracies or omissions related to the information available on the Website.

The order is archived following the conclusion of the Contract. APHROSTROM assures that all personal data of the Customer which APHROSTROM obtained though the Website will be treated as confidential and will be used only for the purpose of execution of the order and for the provision of support to its Products.

The Customer may, as long as it is a registered “user”, to review the history of its orders for the previous 18 months. However, However, the Customer may not track the execution of its order in process. Before delivery (usually the previous day), APHROSTROM will communicate by phone with the Customer in order to confirm the location, date and time of the delivery.

All the Products bear a guarantee of 2 years from the date of delivery. During the guarantee period APHROSTROM will exchange or repair, at its own absolute discretion, free of charge any Product proven to be faulty due to material failure or bad workmanship. In case of faulty Products, the Customer shall contact in writing APHROSTROM (by post, telefax or Email) or by visiting any of APHROSTROM’s shops stating the Product, the problem and the Order Confirmation data. APHROSTROM shall investigate the problem at the Customer’s premises within 10 days from reception of the written notification and following consultation with the Customer. The guarantee includes collection of the faulty Product from and delivery of the exchanged or repaired Product to the Customer’s premises. The Parties agree that there shall be no refunds in case of faulty Products which may be repaired or replaced.

6) Complaints and Right of Withdrawal

The Customer may at any time before or after the Order Confirmation to contact APHROSTROM in order to submit complaints or suggestions regarding the Website and/or the Customer’s order. Such contact may be by phone, through the Website, or in writing, or by visiting one of APHROSTROM’s shops. APHROSTROM will reply to the Customer using one of the above means.

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Contract without any financial repercussions at any time prior to the delivery of the Products, or within 14 days from their reception, provided that the Products have not been manufactured specifically for the Customer. In case of withdrawal, the Customer must inform APHROSTROM, either in writing (through the Website, by fax or Internet) or by visiting one of APHROSTROM’s shops, giving details of the Order Confirmation and specifying the reasons for withdrawal at the Customer’s discretion. In case the right to withdraw is exercised following the delivery of Products, the Customer shall return the Products within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the Contract in their original status and packaging, provided that the Products have not been used. This means that the Customer decides to withdraw following visual inspection of the Products and not after use. For the Customer’s protection APHROSTROM recommends that the return of the Products is effected though a registered courier service.p>

If the right to withdraw is exercised by the Customer in conformity with the provisions of these General sales conditions, APHROSTROM shall refund any sums already paid, as quickly as possible and within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which APHROSTROM became aware of the Customer's decision to exercise its right to withdraw, by cheque which the Customer shall collect from any shop of APHROSTROM of its choice.

In the event of the conditions established in these General sales conditions for correctly exercising the right to withdraw not being observed, the Customer shall not be entitled to any refund of the sums already paid to APHROSTROM. It remains understood that in such a case, APHROSTROM shall be entitled to withhold the Products and the money already received.

7) Applicable law

The Contract shall be governed by the Cyprus laws and jurisdictions shall have the courts in Nicosia.