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What should you avoid before going to sleep?
If you exercise, choose to finish your exercise at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

Your exercise should be of mild nature, like waling, so as not to create problems but instead to enhance the quality of sleep.
Avoid sleeping with a full stomach. You must eat at least 2 hours before going to sleep, so that the digestion process is completed and you have a calm sleep.

Do not go to sleep with an absolutely empty stomach. If you are hungry you better drink a glass of hot milk 30 minutes to one hour before going to sleep.
Caffeine is a mild stimulant which, amongst others, controls the stimulation phases of the sleep. So, it is preferable to avoid drinks that contain caffeine a few hours before sleeping. A cup of chamomile tea is preferable for relaxation.
Nicotine is one of the main causes of sleeplessness. Avoid smoking prior to sleeping as it burdens the sleep quality.

Like nicotine, the alcoholic drinks also burden the sleep quality. Avoid alcoholic drinks prior to sleeping, as they usually contribute to a restless sleep.
When you cannot sleep, imposing excess effort to sleep brings opposite results. You better get up, try to relax for some time and then go to bed again.