Usefull advice
1. Go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning at about the same time every day.

2. Sleep 7-8 hours daily.

3. Relax before you go to sleep; we suggest a lukewarm bath, the reading of a book, some soft music, and/or conversation with your favourite persons.

4. Ensure that your sleeping environment is absolutely quiet, dark, pleasant and at the proper temperature for you.

5. Ensure that your mattress and pillow provide you with comfort and anatomic support.

6. Ventilate your room on a regular basis so that there is adequate oxygen available during your sleep.

7. Try to eliminate or resolve your problems before going to sleep

8. Avoid going to sleep with excessively full or absolutely empty stomach.

9. Avoid caffeine, smoking or alcohol before going to sleep.

10.If you cannot sleep, you better get up from bed, relax for some time and then go to bed again.

About Aphrostrom

Established in 1963, Aphrostrom is the fi rst spring interior mattress and divan manufacturer in Cyprus. Th e company’s objective has always been to off er the highest quality products and a truly personal service to the customers. Th erefore it is now the number one choice of many households, hotels, tourist complexes, clinics and other institutions.

In 1991 Aphrostrom was relocated to its wholly owned, purpose built premises in the Nisou Industrial Area, Nicosia. Th e move to this modern facility was made possible by a combination of dedicated and talented staff and a distribution network comprising both Aphrostrom’s showrooms and carefully selected resellers throughout Cyprus.

Today Aphrostrom off ers a comprehensive product range of Mattresses, Divans, Headboards, Mattress Protectors, Quilts, Quilt Covers, Curtains, Bed Covers, Bed Sheets, Pillows and Decorative Pillows.