Usefull advice
1. Go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning at about the same time every day.

2. Sleep 7-8 hours daily.

3. Relax before you go to sleep; we suggest a lukewarm bath, the reading of a book, some soft music, and/or conversation with your favourite persons.

4. Ensure that your sleeping environment is absolutely quiet, dark, pleasant and at the proper temperature for you.

5. Ensure that your mattress and pillow provide you with comfort and anatomic support.

6. Ventilate your room on a regular basis so that there is adequate oxygen available during your sleep.

7. Try to eliminate or resolve your problems before going to sleep

8. Avoid going to sleep with excessively full or absolutely empty stomach.

9. Avoid caffeine, smoking or alcohol before going to sleep.

10.If you cannot sleep, you better get up from bed, relax for some time and then go to bed again.


Aphrostrom has its own distribution network, with specialized personnel and adequate vehicle fleet.

The delivery is effected at the customer premises, anywhere in Cyprus, only when the value of the order exceeds €95,00. When the value of the order confirmation is below €95,00 the delivery is made to the Aphrostrom’s shop that is closer to the customer’s premises, from which the products are collected by the customer.

Before delivery, Aphrostrom will contact the customer in order to confirm the time and place of delivery. If the products are heavy or bulky, the customer’s premises are above the ground floor and/or access to the premises is difficult and, according to Aphrostrom’s sole discretion, use of mechanical aids (e.g. fork lift) is required, then the customer will be informed and the customer would undertake the relevant additional cost. If the customer refuses to bear this cost, then delivery would take place at the ground floor level of the customer’s premises.
Our staff has received adequate relevant training and is fully familiar with the company’s products. The task of our distribution staff is not just to deliver the products, but to transfer them inside the customer’s house, to assemble them, when necessary, and in general to be of service to the customer by answering to any questions regarding the products of Aphrostrom.