Usefull advice
1. Go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning at about the same time every day.

2. Sleep 7-8 hours daily.

3. Relax before you go to sleep; we suggest a lukewarm bath, the reading of a book, some soft music, and/or conversation with your favourite persons.

4. Ensure that your sleeping environment is absolutely quiet, dark, pleasant and at the proper temperature for you.

5. Ensure that your mattress and pillow provide you with comfort and anatomic support.

6. Ventilate your room on a regular basis so that there is adequate oxygen available during your sleep.

7. Try to eliminate or resolve your problems before going to sleep

8. Avoid going to sleep with excessively full or absolutely empty stomach.

9. Avoid caffeine, smoking or alcohol before going to sleep.

10.If you cannot sleep, you better get up from bed, relax for some time and then go to bed again.

Made to Measure

The mattress and divan sizes which Aphrostrom normally keeps in stock are (‘Width’ x ‘Length’ in cm):

  • 92x192 (known as “Single”)
  • 107x192 (known as “One and half”)
  • 137x192 (known as “Double”)
  • 152x192 (known as “Five feet”)
  • 160x192 and
  • 180x200.

Corresponding sizes exist also in the other products, like the headboards and the white linen.

In addition to the above sizes, Aphrostrom may manufacture its products at any size according to the Customer’s wishes, within of course reasonable boundaries imposed by constructional limitations.


All standard sizes appear in the website of the particular product in a drop-down menu. In the same menu the customer has the choice to specify other sizes, by choosing “special sizes” and entering the exact dimensions that she/he wishes.

Both the standard as well as the special sizes are manufactured with the same care  and quality that characterizes Aphrostrom.

Size is not any more a problem. Just decide for the product you like, specify its size and leave the rest to Aphrostrom.